1- What is the difference between the kit beginners and the kit miami? 

The colors are practically the same. Both serve all phototypes. The main difference is that the Miami Kit has a pigment to warm (Teacup) and another to lighten (Honey). This Kit is recommended mainly for those who work in the warmer regions, for having the most balanced colors, it is widely used in oily skin. For more information, check outhttps://www.rbkollorsusa.com/blogs/post/the-kits

2- Is it necessary to warm up the pigments?

Although our pigments are already warm and ready for usage, in some specific cases we recommend an extra heating charge, which can be done with Hot or Teacup pigments. These cases would be: in smokers, with hormonal problems, with very oily skin or who live in a very hot area. For more information, check out: https://www.rbkollorsusa.com/blogs/post/when-to-heat-rbkollors-pigments-which-are-already-hot-in-their-composition

3- What is the composition of the pigments?

COMPOSITION: Deionized water, nonionic surfactant, vegetable glycerin USP, propylene glycol USP and non-toxic pigments free of metals.

4- How do I become a representative?

Fill in the link: http://bit.ly/rbkollorsdistributor (English) or http://bit.ly/rbkollorsmayorista (Español)
For finding our official distributors, check out: https://www.rbkollorsusa.com/resellers

5- How much does a RBKollors' pigment  yield? 

Each 15 ml yields an average of 75 procedures using 4 drops in each procedure which is sufficient due to the high pigment load

  • 15 ml surrender 300 drops
  • 4 drops results a complete procedure

  • 1 bottle: 75 procedures

6- What is the difference between the organic and inorganic lines?

Basically we can say that the most relevant difference between the Organic Line and Inorganic Line is that the Organic Line has a greater tinting power and a greater ease of implantation, decreasing the inflammatory process. In addition, the inorganic line does not have the full range of colors that it has. So, what is the advantage of the inorganic line? Those who work “with the heaviest hand” may end up preferring this line, as well as some who perform shadow techniques. The cores are more chamois offering naturalness.

7- I'm getting to know RBKollors now. What color should I buy?

For those who are starting in micropigmentation or starting at RBKollors, we recommend our kits. Because in addition to being more affordable, you get to know our colors better. The RBKollors kits are quite varied. It has kit with 3, 4 to 6 colors of 5ml. Find out more about them here: https://www.rbkollorsusa.com/blogs/post/the-kits

8- RBKollors pigments are vegan?

Our pigments are vegan, free from heavy metals and without testing on animals (See the composition of the pigments in question 3). Smart pigments from RBKollors have a high pigment load, excellent fixation, do not present a bluish result, as they do not have blue in their composition.

9- Where do I find a healed result or color degradation?

On the page of each product you will find the digital degradation of the chosen color. Some colors our team included a real and pure result for you to have an idea of the chosen color.

10- How long the procedure lasts on the client's skin

It depends on the technique used, but mainly on the client's biological condition - if she is a smoker, if she uses medication, if she has good nutritional habits, medical history, good healing. The procedure can take 8 months, 1 year or even longer.

11- Once opened, how long does the RBKollors pigment last?

Much depends on the type of lips and the technique applied, but we recommend pigments such as Hot, Peach, Teacup, San for neutralization. What kind of lips do you work on the most?

The neutralization session can be done on the same day of the color application or in other sessions, depending on how dark the lips are.

12- What is RBKollors' recommendation for the healing process?

Unfortunately, we still do not have the RBKollors cosmetic line for export, but the basic recommendation is that the procedure remains clean, without healing ointments, so as not to interfere with healing and color fixation. Keep the area hydrated, avoiding taking your hands to the injury unnecessarily, avoiding chlorine in the pool, direct exposure to the sun, pulling out the cones formed in the process, using exfoliating and acids.

13- Why is shipping so expensive?

Our freight rates are standardized according to UPS carriers according to the region. We chose to have a safer and faster way of shipping so we don't have problems with loss of goods or delays. 

14- How long to receive my order?

The order may take up to 3 business days to be dispatched, taking into account the financial compensation, order preparation and shipping, but we do our best to dispatch the next business day for payment confirmation. Thereafter, the carrier has an estimated shipping time, ranging from 2 to 7 business days, depending on the region

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